International Conformity Certification Program (ICCP)

  • The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Commerce (MOC) and the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) consider the protection of the Saudi consumer to be one of their highest priorities. As well as controlling the quality of domestic products, it is necessary to prevent inferior quality, dangerous, and non-standard imported products from reaching the Saudi market. This critical and vital objective led to the introduction of the International Conformity Certification Program (ICCP). The primary objective of the ICCP is to ensure compliance of regulated products imported into Saudi Arabia with standards developed or approved by SASO.

  • The Program currently applies to 76 product categories divided into five groups:

    1. Food and Agriculture
    2. Electronics and Electrical Product
    3. Automobiles and Related Products
    4. Chemical Products
    5. Others.

    Exporters of regulated products, with the exception of food, must obtain a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) prior to shipment.

    Every shipment of regulated products (except food) must be inspected for compliance verification in the exporting country. Compliance with SASO requirements will result in issue of a CoC. Shipments arriving without a CoC will be rejected. The Certificate of Conformity will assist in a prompt clearance through customs and minimize the risk of rejection.

  • Exporters of regulated food products may choose to have their products certified before shipment or to be tested on arrival by the Ministry of Commerce in their laboratories. If the results are unsatisfactory, the shipment will be rejected. However, to avoid any unnecessary delay or risk of rejection at the port of entry, it is advisable that a CoC is secured before shipment.

  • The ICCP is applicable to all groups of new and used vehicles intended to be driven on the roads in Saudi Arabia. This group includes passenger cars, multi-purpose vehicles, buses, pick-ups, ambulances and heavy trucks.

  • The initial point of contact for the exporters is the SASO Program Country Office (SCO), where arrangements are made for pre shipment compliance verification and shipment certification.

    There is a network of 37 SCOs situated worldwide to provide the highest level of service to all exporters and importers. Contact details and further information on the Program are contained in the document ICCP PROCEDURES - GUIDELINES, available from the Program Manager offices below or through any of the SCOs.

    If you need any more information about the ICCP please contact one of the following:

    Saudi Arabian Standards Organization in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia.
      Internet address:
      Tel: 00966 1 452 0114
      Fax: 00966 1 452 0115
    Program Manager ICCP in Brentwood - United Kingdom.
        Tel: 0044 1277 223304
        Fax: 0044 1277 223260
    Program Manager ICCP in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia.
        Tel: 00966 1452 0101
        Fax: 00966 1456 9977

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