On receipt of an inquiry regarding ISO 9000 Registration, SASO sends an "Information pack" to the Organization with the request to complete and retum a Questionnaire". After a study of the completed Questionnaire, a preliminary visit may be made to the Organization's site(s) if considered necessary-v. Such a visit is often useful to gain an early impression of the Organization's size, complexity, of operations; its understanding of ISO 9000 standards in general, and the state of its documented quality systems and of their implementation.

The first principle to be observed in audit is to see whether the Organization is operating the system which satisfies the standard requirements. SASO requires the Organization to present its Quality Manual, in order to see that all the elements required in the standard are covered in the organization's system,

If the submitted manual is found to have cleared all the items required in the relevant standard, arrangements may be made with the Organization for drawing up a Registration Audit program. If however, there is a need for the Organization to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the standard and in the setting up and implementation of its quality systems, a "pre-registration audit" may be useful.

Registration Audit is then scheduled. The size of the audit team will depend upon the size of the Organization and complexity of the quality management system. Nonconformities if any are notified and after the satisfactory corrective action by the Organization, the SASO's ISO 9000 Registration Certificate is issued.

In the case non-conformities of only minor nature are raised in the Registration audit, the Registration Certificate may be issued based on the submission of a "Letter of Commitment for Correction" from the Organization. However, If the nonconformance is not of minor nature and leaving them unattended creates Major nonconformities to the quality management system of the Organization and corrective action is likely to take some time, a re-audit visit is made at a later date for repetition of the whole assessment process.

The Registered enterprises are authorized to use SASO's Registered Organization Symbol on publicity materials and company stationary, etc., however, its use on the products themselves is not permitted.

This is followed by Surveillance audit visits by SASO's Auditors, at least two per year, to audit the continued maintenance of the quality system as per the ISO 9000 requirements.

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