SASO Establishment

The Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) was established pursuant to the Royal Decree No. M/10 Dated 1392-03-03 as a body of judicial personality and of an independent budget. A board of directors, headed by H.E. the Minister of Commerce and comprising representatives of the major sectors concerned with standardization in the Kingdom, outlines the general policy of SASO. The said Board of Directors is governing SASO affairs, laying, down its policy and adopting all the procedures needed to ensure efficient performance of SASO assignments. SASO Director General is responsible for implementing and following the Board of Directors' decisions, ensuring the proper progress of work in SASO and supervising all its technical and administrative departments as well as her two Branch Offices in the Eastern and Western Regions. Saudi Arabian Standards-Organization.


How to Contact SASO?
Saudi Arabian Standards Organization
Imam Saud Ibn Abdul-Aziz Ibn Mohammad Street
Mohammadia Quarter, Riyadh
P.O. Box 3437, Riyadh 11471
Tel: + 966-1-452-0000
Telex: 401610 SASO SJ.
Arabic Telex: 04610 Tagyees (SA).
Fax: + 966-1-452-0086
Telegram: GIASY Riyadh.
Tel of SASO
For Further Information:
Please Contact SASO Information Center
Tel: +966-1-452-0132
Fax: +966-1-452-0196
Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) Makkah Office:
Al-Hamra Street, Al-Sharab Square, over the Cairo - Saudi Bank - against the Ministry of Planning Branch - Jeddah.
P.O. Box 9485, Jeddah 21413
Tel: + 966-2-667-3652
+ 966-2-667-3820
+ 966-2-667-3740
Telex: 603553 SASO SJ.
Fax: + 966-3-826-5118.
Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) - Eastern Region Office:
Dammam / Khobar Highway - East of the Education General Directorate.
P.O. Box - 1893 Dammam - 31441
Tel: + 966-3-826-1111
+ 966-3-826-1084
Fax: +966-3-826-5118