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The penicillin last half of the book is devoted to recipes and suggestions designed to add interest to the dietary routine This book could be recommended to housewives, since it brings together much information, which although available perhaps elsewhere, here carries the authority of a physician. The urine, neonatal too, imdoubtedly retained its full urinous character.

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It seems to be the current opinion administration of the profession that it is probably due to the decomposition of animal matter. DIETETICS, AND THE Sir, -Willyou kindly allow and me to reply to the letter of Dr. A very practicnl and excellent household apparatus for disposing of subcutaneous kitchen garbage upon this plan consists of a pail for the reception of the garbage, provided with a set of perforations, and with a damping bottom which can be closed to hold the charge or opened to dump it when dried, by turning the crank on the side. Both nerve fibres and interstitial tissues are affected, and Marie and Boveri sodium suggest the name familial hypertrophic neuritis. Lannelongue and Siredey) is, we treatment under.-tand, now being prepared, and will shortly appear in a well-known French medical journal.

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