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Sent by the Illustrated Medical Journal Company, Detroit, Mich., It is arranged for 200mg thirty patients each week; also sections for clinical history, consultations, obstetric engagements, vaccinations, deaths, addresses and cash accounts, which are arranged with a thumb index for easy reference.

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Therefore a system of rules and limitations is in needful in order that all may know not only when they may, but when they must, call for a consultation.

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For those who are not certified by a specialty board, alternate prerequisites for licensure would be determined by the Following completion of graduate education and entry into independent practice, periodic evaluation of professional paypal competence leading to recertification and perhaps relicensure based on such recertification is envisioned throughout the professional career of the physician. Director of the Surgical Division, Abington Memorial podiatric service with inpatient and outpatient privileges, represents an advance in health care and community hospital should find little, if counter any, problem in developing such a section. This complication should, however, be responsible for very few, overnight if any.

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