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The Charleston Board cost of Health has expressed considerable indignation against the National Board for publishing the facts concerning the outbreak.

This may result from a great variety of causes, such as withholding the first (laxative) milk after parturition, feeding new-born calves on the milk of old mobile calved cows, bringing up foals or lambs on cow's milk, working, overdriving or otherwise exciting the dams, feeding unwhole,?ome food to the dams, allowing too long intervals between the meals of the young, bringing up on hand on cold or soured milk or farinaceous food, keeping in damp unwholesome pens, or the accumulation of pellets of hair Symptoms.

Online - flexing equally in recumbent position. This may be caused by excess in tbe blood of last water, bile acids (taurocliolates) alkalies, nitrites, etlier or chloroform.