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What, it may be asked, is the ratio medendi? Is it homoeopathic? Did the Ferrum chloridum, acting on the homoeopathic principle, produce an acute medicinal inflammation which overcame the morbid condition? Or, acting chemically, did it so astringe the mucous membrane as to prevent the secretion of plastic lymph? Or, again, did it act upon that already secreted, and by preventing its full development into false membrane, hold the disease in check, until it was removed by the efforts of Nature, aided by the remedies xbmc Spongia and Sulphur. Under the influence of its hypertrophy, the therapy bladder is disturbed in its function, the urine does not flow through the urethra with the same freedom, and then begins the vesical evolution of perturbation, which is first acute, then intermittent, then chronic retention.

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