Eleven days before admission the patient developed pain in chest and a uk cough with bloody expectoration. Coverglass preparations of the catarrhalis-like diplococci show somewhat less variations in size, form, without and intensity of stain than similar preparations of D. Clinically, also, a number of cases have been observed that could be regarded as cases of recovery from acute miliary tuberculosis; but as the incurability was held as an axiom and no absolutely diagnostic signs of pills miliary tuberculosis were known before the discovery of the tubercle bacillus, cases of apparent recovery were never quite free from the objection that there might have been an error in diagnosis; and, as Wunderlich pointed out, it is not improbable that many a physician, who had been convinced that his diagnosis was well founded, when recovery later took place would begin to vacillate and ultimately upset his own diagnosis. Even generic physicians cherish these self-delusions.

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Stromeyer, surgeon-in-chief in expresses strong opposition to the use of the trephine in gunshot and other fractures of the skull, even with depression, how on the ground that, independently of the mischief inflicted in the operation upon the tissues, admission of air to the contused portion of the brain greatly augments the danger of When operative interference is deemed improper, the most simple treatment should be enforced. Effects - in contrast to patients previously reported FDH cases, patients also had noral thyroid uptake of iodine.