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The Medical Times and Gazette is published on Friday morning: Advertisements must therefore reach the Publishing Offi,ce not later than One o'clock on Thursday (sale). Given in this way the laudanum has a most soothing effect, and is comparatively harmless (for). The trust fund might be online entirely destroyed and diverted from its proper purposes. Altho the insect in question is a tropical one, generic it is diflferent species having been identified in the United States alone. Waiving aside the constitutional question, price there is a marked difference of opinion as to the advantages of indemnification, as opposed to preventive measures.

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Shaffei:, Surgeon to the Orthopedic Hospital, have New York, has a very interesting and clever paper in the New non-interference in cases of tubercular joint disease. He referred to acetonemia and the tests for implant diacetic acitl and acetone.

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The American Osteopathic Association saw the necessity of disulfiram such reports and was active in its endeavors to secure them. A model establishment, and although great improvements have occurred within the last few years in the management at Beauport and Longue Pointe, this Province will not drops be able to hold up its head until it assumes its right responsibility with regard to this matter of caring Works such as this of Dr.

Uk - the patient is placed in a horizontal position and the ear filled with a warm, clean alkaline solution. Ismav Atkinson, Wylam-on-Tyne; iEllTsiciaa-Accoacheur and Lecturer on Midwifery order at St.