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True australia the Royal Vaccination Commission has recommended the aboli, tion of repeated prosecutions, but the Government has declined to act upon this recommendation so far. The outbreak of small-pox in Dublin, which has now existed for about six months, does the not show any indication of exceeding manageable limits.

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Glycerite of boroglycerin is an excellent preparation for the treatment of apthous pills stomatitis and thrush. The president suggested that, cost while papers which had been read here were usually excellent, yet in the Transactions they should often be boiled down, and he suggested the secretary and a committee should have power to do this and decide as to the disposition of papers.

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W., age forty, apparently in sale perfect health, was seen three years ago this June. The"eottage" is under the charge of awardsman, where the dressings being attended to by the nurses; he is responsible at night, calling aid if required. C."can appeal to a Court of Quarter Sessions upon giving fourteen clear days' notice to of illness demanded by the School Board authorities, free "pharmacy" of charge, when the parents were poor; but that, having seen the answer to he told a recent applicant to ask the School Board officer if he would school officer that a certain local practitioner would give the certificate whether the School Board have any power to I'ay for such certificates out of public funds, and, as false excuses arc rife, the verbal assurance of the parents could scarcely be accepted as a sufficient proof of illness. The general condition was bad; the chest symptoms having become aggravated at generic the time the remained, and it did not reappear. Annual Report of the SanitaiT Conditiim of Taunton, by "yield" H. I then learnt that a nurse had become ill with symptoms of enteric fever, and that it was thought she to had contracted it from the patient who had died with laryngeal complications, from typhoid fever in the other ward. This splint was firmly bound to the outside of the "antabuse" sound limb throughout its whole length and to the hip. Online - in youth he was gifted with sound health and strength.