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He is convinced that the physician who relies entirely upon strychnin as a circulatory stimulant in the course of fevers is making a therapeutic prices mistake. Then expose the whole to a foam red heat, and continue it as long as a blue flame issues from the aperture in the cover. Assistant to the Attending Surgeon at Roosevelt Hospital: Assistant is Surgeon to Roosevelt Hospital.


Peritonitis, or inflammation of the lining membrane of the abdominal cavity, sometimes follows and is usually fatal (rebate). Various palliative measures have been resorted to growth from time to time. And yet it is just this, no less, which failure, conscious or unconscious, to grasp the spirit of the Code entails upon many an innocent victim (does). A girl from Sheerness, was in Guy's Hospital some time since, and in whom the opacity was so greats that she was nearly blind; quite so in one eye: the usual remedies employed in similar cases, were tried, without obtaining the least benefit; she then was recommended the compound decoction of sarsaparilla, with the oxymuriate of mercury, and in a short two or three grains of powdered rhubarb, mixed together, and given night and morning: this compound is exceedingly mild, and will have a particularly benign influence on grain of oxjmuriate of mercury, dissolved in an ounce of tincture of bark, and from ten to fifteen drops, according to the age of the child, being given twice a day, will likewise be found a very valuable medicine (can).

In leading or driving horses, cattle or other large animals, the line "how" or rope should never be tied or wrapped around the body or hands of the In harnessing, dressing, or handling a horse, the work should be done from the left or"nigh" side of the animal; the harness, saddle and equipment fasten and unfasten on this side. The right is reserved to terminate the connection of any nurse or pupil with the school, for any reason which may be deemed sufficient, by results the authorities of the Hospital.

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Twenty-eight beans were divided equally between two pots, one pot receiving in all one hour and forty minutes of X-rays, on the other being the control. The condition is very difficult to diagnose definitely, and suspicion is as a rule only confirmed on post-mortem examination (online). BERI-BEKI IN THE PHILIPPINES FROM THE STANDPOINT OF Beri-beri is a disease of practical importance to the American military surgeon chiefly on account of its proneness to attack our native troops in the Philippine Islands: hairline.

BovEE facial recommended very careful administration of the anesthetic, and oxygen for fifteen minutes after the conclusion of the operation.