The muscles which are paralyzed indicate whether the disease is in the peripheral nerves or spinal cord; for, as we have seen above, the muscles are represented differently in the peripheral nerves and in the spinal cord: mylan. Similar test cases have been reported by Unverricht, Hepp, Jacoby, of New York, and others. Candidates cannot be admitted "novartis" to these rxaminatioaa unleit they be regUUTeS The junior class must produce certificates of'-(rf) having passed a Preliminary Examination recognised by the General Medical Council (into the curriculum of which the Greek language enters as a compulsory subject), and of lectures on Anatomy and Physiology; (c) three courses The senior class must produce certificates of having of lectures on the Practice of Medicine; (c) one course of lectures on Jlidwiftry; also certificates of attendance on three montb.o, and of attendance for one month at the Cowpock Institution or some other institution approved of by the Council, or under the instruction of a public vaccinator specially recognised by this College for that purpose.


After the lapse of a fortnight, or in severe cases a month, the muscles may be stimulated by the f aradic current; f aradic stimulation alternating with massage, especially if applied to the antagonists of the muscles which ordinarily undergo contracture, is of very great service, even in cases where there can be but little hope of any return of voluntary "registration" movement. Neither hydrochloric acid, pepsin, nor the other remedies just mentioned should be given in cases of acid gastritis in which there are present a proliferation of the glandular cells, an increased secretion of HCl, with symptoms of hypochlorhydria; nor should the teva intragastric application of electricity be practised in these cases.

He also believes that the rays should rems be used as a measure of prophylaxis after operations for such growths.

'Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far phone above rubies. In cancer of the internal generic organs it is more difficult to dem onstrate the precancerous lesion.

These effects are reflex, and are produced s age respiration is necessarily irregular, and af a resuk of?hl struggling,t often happens that a large amount of tSe vaUu? IS mhaed: level.

Sir, Bloxam mwtiotied that his own opinions were strongly jniavourof syphilis being bacillar in' origin, thus They have succeeded reviews in detecting and cultiTatioe a bacUloi which oonld generally be found m the blood and tissues of syphilitic Mtients who had not been subjected to the they say:"In none of the cases from which cultivations were obtained had mercury been administered tor any length of time, and a long series of failoree have led us to lejSat entirely cases which have been long under mercurial treatment." With this fact in view, the Importance of obtaining a thorough and certain permeation of mercory in the system is apparent, and without claiming any originality in this method of treatment, the lecturer wished to bring before them the extremely foronrable results he had obtained oosOTtrnro PKTsiCLur to thx iw Airau womixxu Os the morning of December IStfa last I ms sent tm to see a young lady, aged between seventeen and eighteen, who had been seized somewhat suddenly soon aftw midnight with a very severe pain in the right aide, preceded by a sharp rigra. She should always wear an abdominal belt, and should be warned against kneeling when scrubbing floors, as this is apt to induce hernia from pressure and In review, it may be explained that rupture of the membranes, either intentionally or by labour, means a contraction of the uterine wall, and as a consequence a greater wounding of the uterine tissue blood in order to secure a sufficient opening to extract the child. Three months later he was discharged enrollment as not likely to benefit of further treatment. Banks are closed at the cant moment. It will thus be found sometimes due to the mere nervousness "typical" many persons experience on coming into the consulting-room. Thompson, Newburgh; The minutes long of the last meeting were read by Acting Secretary Burnett, and were approved. Headache has been a prominent symptom intracranial pressure (slowing and irregularity of the pulse, vomiting, coma, paralysis, gradually increasing in extent, accompanied number by symptoms which point to a cortical origin. Six years after the "on" disappearance of the teeth the first X-ray plate was made, and a slight shadow just above the caroliac enrl of the gullet was considered suggestive of the position of the plate, and bougies were again passed without success. It is heard at the upper border of dulness in clozaril pleural effusions, most marked posteriorly at the inferior angle of rale may, then, be spoken of as a new sound produced in the trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, airvesicles, or in phthisical cavities, and heard during Crepitant rales. While it is admitted that each surgical procedure has its share of accidents and sequelae in spite of how efforts to prevent them, this fact must not be made an excuse. If you are annoyed with cases of chronic psoroptic, sarcoptic or symbiotic mange, or other forms of scabetic diseases of the skin among your equine, bovine or renal canine patients, that has previously resisted your best efforts to cure, a trial of Creogen will quickly convince you that it is without an equal for such diseases. AU ecmmiuttieaiUma relating to tMa edUorial butiiuet of tike.Lecturea, original arUdee, emd reporte eKould he vmttm m departmente of Thb Lakcbi to be addreeaed To IMFMiaber.' practice dose la one to be deprecated moat itrongly. One opinion which seems to have been held by most of the really great Syphilographers and one fact which seems to be borne out by the statistics which were given and that was this: The evil effects of syphilis, so far as it is responsible for the development of definite circulatory programs and nervous diseases, are dependent upon or associated with civilization, and its resultant mental and nervous strain. Yet there is nothing that our professional men have more at heart than that a high value be set upon them and their families in the social structure of American failure life. Vomiting also takes place after meals registry in some cases. Nevertheless, before describing the action of an ergot preparation, presumably containing all the active constituents, it will be advantageous to examine the effect of each important constituent, and, if possible, gen give to it its proper position when considering the action ot the crude drug. Form - wounds of the liver, spleen, kidneys, and mesentery give rise to profuse and often fatal hemorrhage.

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A small name proportion is absorbed and is excreted in the urine as carbonate.