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When it is not due work to an injury, in a large proportion of cases it commences with severe pain, which does not, however, last for any length of time. " What a boon it would be to the Medical Profession if some reliable Chemist would bring out an Extract of Malt in combination with a welldigested or peptonized Beef, giving us the elements of Beef and the Is the "available" identical combination suggested by the late eminent Fothergill. At times, however, such vasomotor cutaneous anesthesia develops spontaneously in consequence of spasm of the aid muscular coat of the vessels. Prescription - or rather reduction in sensitiveness, may be effected in certain cases by administering large doses of calcium lactate. Much - at times it is so small that it may be readily overlooked, while at other times it may attain the size of the palm of the hand. In either instance, the child is in a serious condition, especially in implant the absence of a medical attendant.