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During the past year six deaths and five cases of blindness have been reported in New York city alone from wood killed: effects. The instrument "de" differed from Nitzer's cystoscope, being more especially adapted to illuminating the site of the urethral orifices and introduction into them of a small catheter connected with the instrument, and directed at an angle of forty-five degrees, corresponding to that of entrance of the iireters into the bladder walls. He said the subscribers to the testimoniarhad vied with each other in maroc their expressions of esteem and gratitude for Dr. Drawing the uterus anxiety down by traction upon the ligature, the mucous membrane isxlissected back with the thumbnail all around to a little beyond the cervico-vaginal fold. In bruises or contusions, the first six to twenty-four "to" hours apply cold.


He felt extremely weak, became dizzy after meals, and was form overcome by a feeling of sleepiness.

The mystery of the coming of life is a fascinating one, and if the curiosity was of a purely objective character, it would be easy enough to satisfy it, and pamphlets on sex subjects would receive no prizes (algorithym).

Nor will those great fundamental reforms on which the future renovation and elevation of the Charities service depends be effected until the head of the Department is itself renovated and cartao elevated by the appointment of at least one thoroughly qualified medical Commissioner. He employs the burdockseeds in the form of an elixir, in the dose of a teaspoonful an hour after each meal, and continues the treatment for a month (fluvoxamine). Acute "does" uremia is a frequent and often dramatic end. They do not say, however, in prix what manner the serum is applied to the cor puscles.

On burning coal it vs is decomposed into a pungent vapour, which has not the odour of burning animal matter.

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