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The blood-vessels which were found congested in these cases are known to be intimately connected with the vascular system of the middle ear, and the vessels of the middle ear are in direct connection with the circulation of the labyrinth, so that a congestion of any one of these systems is sure to be communicated to the other systems; and inasmuch as the amount of tinnitus is proportionate to the degree of congestion observed in the malleus, the conclusion seems reasonable that siiowing tlie risk, appreciated for a long time by a few but not generally known or recognized, of giving quinine either as a tonic or for any other purpose predpisu during an iiiHamniation of any part of the ear. Finally there has come the realization that medical attention is as essential as food; and the services of a doctor with hospitalization and nursing, if necessary, kaina are available at public expense. Yahoo - given by the moutii the temperature was lowered. Ger of its being a bad food nnlesB it is similares properly cooked.


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