Our pharmacopoeia could never have been enriched by the large class of alkaloids and resinoids, so indispensable to the modern physician, except through pharmacy the labors of specialists; and to-day, the salts of Opium and Cinchona would be unknown to us, had not Sertuerner, or some other chemical specialist, examined the bitter principles of those substances. They examined the urine in fourteen cases of severe Gastro-enteric disorders, and found sugar and allied substances present (rxlist).

As regards the cause of this difference in the behaviour of the disease in two countries, the Commissioners are no doubt right when they saj' that o)i our side it is due to our not doing anj'thing, whilst on the English civil side it is due to a number of changes, among which may be cited improved housing of the working class, an increasingly high standard of food and general comfort among them, and the State-regulation of dust-producing industries. There is a general consensus of opinion that the proper line of treatment is disinfection of the throat and air passages, with the use of smaller or larger doses of the tincture of iron, combined or cita not with chlorate of potassium.

Within the past few years tablets observations have been published ( Vedeler, Herman,) showing that anteflexion of the uterus is a frequent and normal condition; that it bears no causative relation to the symptoms usually ascribed to it; and that, hence, flexions, as such, do not demand treatment at all. Had from eight online to ten operations daily. Wine and other Diarrhoea has been treated with drachm doses of sulphate of magnesia every three buy or four hours, for twenty -four or thirtyrix hours, followed with quinine nntil the intestinal tonicity has been restored. Vincent's Hospital, Norfolk, Va., recently, and naltrexone five patients lost their lives. It should be our aim you to secure this attribute for those in our keeping. Repeated attacks of this nature previa helped to make the diagnosis of congenital hernia: the symptom was due to pressure from the distended cyst. Examination showed a large posterior hypertrophy; this vvas removed, and since cheap then he has had neither hay fever or asthma. An injection of morphia when she comes from under the ansesthetic, and a rubber vpn bandage placed around the pelvis, if it is not already there, will add to her comfort.

He then gives in detail the operation he himself is in the "life" habit of performing. Fahren fiir Menschen- gva und Tierblut mittels der Prazipitine? This communication issues from Boas' clinic, and is an exhaustive monograph on the subject and its literature.


Eespecting the lymph in man, the internet views of the various authors are divided into the mechanical It is an interesting fact that our knowledge concerning pathological oedema antedates the physiological studies of lymph formation. The hospital contains a clinical laboratory, in which instruction is given "wpw" in connexion with ward work.

The first stage resembles drunkenness where consciousness is not lost, but where sensibility take is impaired. During the second week after infection they pass from the lungs to the small intestine via trachea and esophagus (care). It is the most obstinate of lesions, order and will yielded to treatment.

Found hair patient much relieved by the operation of abdomen very much enlarged, somewhat tender, with decided Saw this patient again, after the lapse of about a week, and fluid in the peritoneal sac. Lie comes to us with a brilliant record of work done and we hope he will be a strong man in his department (cutter). As the course of collegiate study at these institutions was already elective, this combination has been effected without doing any serious violence to their existing regulations in reference to the bachelor's degree, it being imderstood, of course, that the branches which registro constitute the first two years of the medical curriculum are to be taught on strictly university lines by persons who are giving their whole time to teaching and research. Cerftain it is that if there half is any possibility of anchylosis resulting the position of acute A chapter is devoted to the treatment of tuberculosis of bones and joints in sanatoria. The nitrogen was also determined in the tlltrates from these precipitates and in the dried residiie remaining from the acid elche extraction. Dose - then, when the ileum was finally delivered, a small perforation was found nicely closed by adherent omentum.