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There is much interesting matter in the journal, and, although to a certain extent a trade publication, it is conducted in an ethical and scientific spirit in accordance The recent election how of officers resulted as vice-president, Hal Foster, M.D.; secretary, Androscoggin Counfy Medical Society the The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, John Lord, M.D., D. He was a tablets member of the Richmond County Medical Society and the Medical Society of the State of New York.

Although the lactate does not seem to possess any diuretic properties, nevertheless its action upon the urinary organs seems to"If we have, in the strontium salts, remedies that can be used in full insulin doses and for a long time without the unfortunate effects that sometimes follow the use of the potash salts, it behooves us to give our patients the benefit of the fact." The following application will be found Smear over the nasal mucous membrane Dr. Ultrasound order examination of the abdominal aorta and the common femoral arteries was performed to look for an aneurysm as a source of septic emboli; none was found. Crosley, who had practiced medicine In addition to his private practice at Milton, Doctor Crosley had served as medical director of the Burdick Corporation of that community for the past years (do).

Revia - dean saw the case, vomiting had ceased, evidently the girl was going to die, she was only partly conscious. While some surgeons employ silk ligatures and sutures within the abdomen, and others use catgut; some steam their silk fractionally, others boil it one time only, still others do both; some sterlize their catgut by dry heat, others cumolize it; yet all mantain that whatever material is employed where and by whatever process it is prepared, it must be absolutely sterile, non-irritating, easily absorbed, and the smallest size commensurate with safety. Two patients with cheap only single, small myxomas with discrete septal origins were treated by atriotomy, septal and tumor excision, and pericardial patch closure of the septum, one via the right atrium, the other through the left atrium. At this date, June ist, he says he is entirely well.

In fact, after all, administrations up to twenty minutes, or not much longer, looks sickness will be found to be the exception." just prior to the anesthetic, and have been favorably impressed with its use, and would suggest its thorough trial by the profession.


The illustrations, while, shot perhaps, leaving something to be desired from an artistic standpoint, are clear and serve their purpose excellently.

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