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Having "for" once conceived or adopted a favourite idea, they cling to it w r ith a tenacity and defend it with an enthusiasm, that renders them inaccessible to reason, and consequently, insusceptible of improvement. These they (Ipecacuanha) sometimes stopped the diarrhoea. What alcohol is the modus operandi of those causes, and what is the order in which those pathological changes take place, that constitute this disease? The humoralists, who have in succession contended for the acidity, acridity, alcalescency and viscosity of the lymph, have seen in those fancied alterations nothing more than the effects of causes acting on the fluids of the economy, while, the solidists, attributing scrofula, either to an excess or a deficiency of vital action in the lymphatic vessels or ganglions, believe that it results exclusively from the action of the causes on the solid textures of the body.

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