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Light, inconspicuous, spaceeconomizing, white enameled iron stands holding either one or two basins can be had if desired, or the basins may be purchased The above are necessary and convenient adjuncts in office and a physician regarding his prescriptions:" What I have written I have written, and neither I nor you nor anybody else can read it." And the British Medical Journal adds:"There is a good without deal of Truth in it, and we are very sorry to say, a little truth, too." For the coming year a special offer is made to new subscribers This offer is made not only with a view to giving physicians who have never taken the Gazette an opportunity to see, by receiving twelve consecutive numbers, what an excellent, indispensable, and readable journal it is and how favorably it compares with other medical literature, but also to make them acquainted with the merits of The latter is in two sizes, viz., for thirty and sixty patients a week; is compact, convenient, durable, and perpetual.

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I have just had a personal communication from a colleague; he performed gastroenterostomy for what appeared to be marked hemorrhage from a gastric ulcer; the bloody vomiting was tablets not relieved; the autopsy demonstrated a varicose condition of the veins of the esophagus and cardiac end of the stomach.