In this patient there was an increase of the tendonrellex; and Dr (sale). The blood may be highly charged with the material for tissue-repair, but this all goes for nothing if the old effete matter be "iui" not first removed. Interstitial pneumonitis and constitutional symptoms, stories secondary infectious diseases, and neoplasms not listed above. With the increase of the pus, the pustules lose their success umbilicated form and assume that of a spheroid, when they turn yellow or dark brown, and, in some cases, even black. A free incision was then made through the cedematous perimeum on to the urethra; the finger, passed to a considerable depth, felt in the centre of the perinaeum a mass harder than the day rest; on careful examination, this proved to be a calculus lodged in a dilated portion of the urethra. Registrars are instructed that when they receive a medical have cei'liacate purporting to be signed by a registered medical practitioner, it is no part of iheir duty either to question the genuineness of the signature or to raise the question whether the deceased person had really been attended during his or her last illness by the practitioner whose name is appended to the certificate.


The diet should be carefully clomiphene regulated and general hygienic treatment should be undertaken in order to strengthen the muscles and to put the child into better physical condition. I can freely assure all, that, though powerful in action, they are as innocuous as the simple Sage or pain Pennyroyal.

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